Content Management

Content Management System allows clients to manage their website and edit content on their own instead of relying on a web development firm for updates and modifications. As a site owner, you will be able to create new pages, edit content and even customize website's design and layout.

Though very few clients ever use the CMS to manage anything beyond the content, you can control almost all aspects of your website through a CMS:

  • Add, edit and delete pages
  • Manage regularly udated content sections such as News
  • Extend your website's functionality by installing new modules
  • Customize design or modify layout

The extent to which you can manage your website is only limited by your (or your staff's) technical knowledge and understanding.

Some of the CMS scripts we have worked on:

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • SilverStripe
  • CMSMadeSimple
  • TextPattern (Blog)
  • Wordpress (Blog)

CMS for Flash based Websites

Flash websites are notoriously difficult to manage but with our custom developed Content Management solutions, you can update the content of your Flash website just as would do for a normal HTML website.

We will provide you with a password protected administration panel which allows you to add/edit content for various sections of your Flash website. Each solution is custom developed for the client as per his requirements and needs.

In contrast to most what most web development firms charge for similar solutions, our Content Management Solutions for Flash websites are surprisingly cost effective.

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A very professional and organized approach. Half the time, things that I wanted but never actually expressed, like certain SEO related features, were already there. They were definitely a nice surprise!

Daniel Lemnaru