E-Commerce Solutions

  • osCommerce/CubeCart/ZenCart customization and installation
  • Module installations and custom module development
  • Custom shopping carts scripts
  • Payment gateway implementation

Our e-commerce solutions range from straight forward osCommerce or ZenCart implementations to custom developed shopping carts with multiple payment gateway integration. We can customize and implement off-the-shelf shopping cart scripts such as osCommerce, CubeCart or ZenCart. Customizations may include design changes, module installation, custom module development and script modifications.

We can also develop custom shopping carts and implement multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Worldpay, 2Checkout, YourPay etc. Shopping cart scripts can be further merged with content management systems to create websites which can be easily managed by the administrator.

Types of E-Commerce Solutions

Number of e-commerce solutions are available and can be broadly categorized into three groups:

Hosted Shopping Carts

Using Paypal hosted shopping cart, we can implement an effective e-commerce website for you and that too for just a little more than the cost of a static site.

The shopping cart is hosted at Paypal's website. Therefore you don't have to worry about SSL or security of your server.This is the most cost effective way to sell products online. Development cost is just a fraction of what it would take to develop a custom shopping cart or to implement a script like OsCommerce/Zencart.


  • Quickest and cheapest way to sell goods online.
  • Costs almost the same as a static site.
  • No special hosting requirements.
  • No SSL or security worries.


  • Makes sense only if the number of items is small, say, less than 10 products. Becomes difficult to manage as number of products increase.

Off-the-shelf Shopping Carts

This option is meant for those who need an all encompassing and feature rich e-commerce solution. Off-the-shelf shopping cart scripts like OsCommerce, Zencart and CubeCart support a multitude of payment gateways and have many advanced features like: Multiple sales, Newsletter manager, Discount coupons, Gift certificates, Featured products, Quantity discounts, Cross selling etc.


  • Supports almost all of the popular gateways.
  • Lot of inbuilt features. Almost every bit of functionality you will ever need is already built in or available through plugins.


  • The abundance of features make these scripts very complex and hence difficult to customize.
  • Straight forward implementations are cheap but adding new functionality or features can turn out to be quite expensive.

Custom Developed Shopping Carts

This is the middle road between hosted shopping carts and off-the-shelf shopping carts. This solution makes the most sense when you have a defined set of features and functionality. This is also the best approach when you have a very unique design or special requirements such as Flash based store.


  • Easy to customize and extend. Design personalization and shopping experience is easier to customize compared to osCommerce or Zencart.
  • Usually implementation cost is lower than that of osCommerce or ZenCart.
  • Can be used for Flash based stores.


  • Development cost increase exponentially as features set expands.

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