Web Design and Development

We understand that your website is an extension of your real world business and, hence, needs similar attention and careful planning.

Unique Design

All our websites are custom designed to complement your brand image and corporate identity. We don't risk diluting your brand equity by using off-the-shelf web templates. Each website design is unique and is developed for the client as per their preferences and requirements.

Search Engine Friendly Pages

Most web developers overlook the on-site/on-page aspect of search engine optimization. In fact, on-page optimization and tweaking is the first step to search engine optimization. A properly developed website can draw significant amount of organic traffic on daily basis without ever spending a single cent on advertising.

Two techniques that makes our websites search engine friendly:

CSS Based Layouts

We use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) based layouts for all our websites. Some of the benefits of using CSS based layouts are:

  • Reduced page sizes and hence faster loading websites
  • Improved search engine indexing
  • Easier to update and maintain
  • Increases content to code ratio
  • Reduced bandwidth utilization of the website

Clean Semantic HTML Code

Our web developers take care to develop well structured and clean HTML code by making proper use of meta tags, alt tags and header tags. This enables web bots (search engines) to navigate the website without any indexing errors and also gives a meaningful structure to the underlying code. This semantic code helps the search engines to understand your website and assign proper weightage to different sections of your website.

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A very professional and organized approach. Half the time, things that I wanted but never actually expressed, like certain SEO related features, were already there. They were definitely a nice surprise!

Daniel Lemnaru